Monday, March 11, 2013

Special 26: Movie Review

After seeing trailers and such, I thought Special 26 was going to be a serious political drama. Having heard this, I was waiting for a night where I was in the mood to watch a heavy film. I came home though and my mom recommended that I watch it. She said she liked it a lot, so I had to check it out. I know a lot of people dislike Akshay Kumar, but I'm from a family of Akshay Kumar fans. Sure enough, I saw it this past weekend and loved it!

Set in the 80s, Special 26 is the story of a group of guys, including Ajay (Akshay Kumar) and Sharma Ji (Anupam Kher) among others, who impersonate CBI or income tax officers to rob politicians and others who deal with black money. The opening scene in the movie shows them using police officers Ranveer Singh (Jimmy Shergill) and Shanti (Divya Dutta), who subsequently get suspended. Ranveer is looking for revenge, and (real) CBI officer Wasim Khan (Manoj Bajpai) is assigned to help him catch the gang.

I don't even want to talk about acting. I think everyone did well. Anupam Kher is a flawless actor, Manoj Bajpai did well too. I am an Akshay fan, so I liked him here as well. Jimmy Shergill was great too. Everyone in this movie was good. The only thing this movie could have done without was Priya (Kajal Agarwal), aka Ajay's love interest. Her character was unnecessary and didn't add anything to the movie. Nothing in the story would have been different if she didn't exist. Other than her, I don't really have any complaints about the movie.

What I liked most about this movie was the intelligence with which it was made. Every scene in this movie was intelligently scripted. The movie is a thriller and did not fail to keep me at the edge of my seat. Unlike most movies I've seen recently, the movie was unpredictable and turned out differently than I guessed. There weren't even many loose ends left to tie up! Everything (for the most part) made sense and played out well. I was left shocked in some scenes just because of how well they directed the movie. One scene was just the scene after the first robbery, where we find out that they were just pretending to be CBI officers. Sorry that won't be a shocker for you, but hey! You were looking for a review, which includes a basic synopsis! Another such scene was the end. It was so brilliantly set up that I could not help but chuckle at all the scenes that led to that conclusion. Basically, in case you can't tell, I loved it.

I would definitely recommend Special 26. It's an intelligent thriller with a simple but brilliant story that is very rare nowadays.

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