Saturday, March 9, 2013

I, Me Aur Main: Movie Review

I, Me Aur Main is a story about a completely spoilt and selfish music producer named Ishaan (John Abraham), who has been in a relationship with Anushka (Chitrangada Singh) for three years. Anushka is a strong woman who loves and wants a commitment from Ishaan. Ishaan being the way he is, does not want this, and continues to live in her apartment with her without contributing anything back because he sincerely believes that any girl would do anything for him. Anushka finally dumps him, forcing him to move to a new apartment. His neighbor there is Gauri (Prachi Desai), who calls him out on everything. As expected, Ishaan falls for Gauri. Ishaan loses his job and soon after receives some news that changes his life. His first instinct is to ignore all his responsibilities and believe everything is fine, because accepting defeat or mistake would hurt his ego. He finally grows up and learns to accept and thrive in complicated situations.

Chitrangada as Anushka was by far my favorite person in this movie. She acted extremely well as a strong, independent woman who deals with what she goes through. Not only that, but I'm pretty sure Chitrangada becomes more beautiful every time I see her. I really wish she had a larger role in this movie. John Abraham was decent as the arrogant and egoistic Ishaan. Some of his scenes and dialogues were a bit ridiculous, so I guess I can't judge his acting there since the script wasn't that great. Overall though he was average as an actor. Prachi Desai was the weakest actor in this movie. She did not deliver dialogues well at all, overexaggerated lines, did not add the proper emotions in her dialogues, etc. Mini Mathur did well as Ishaan's elder and more sensible sister.

Apart from poor acting from Prachi and average acting from John, the dialogues were poorly written. There is actually a scene where Ishaan's ego doesn't allow him to use a ladder to come down from the second floor, and instead jumps off. The story had potential, but too much time is spent in the setup of the film, making the development in the story rushed. A better screenplay could have helped the story play out better. The ending was ridiculous and forced an advanced (and rushed) conclusion.

Overall I did not really like the movie. I think it definitely could have turned out much better with a better script, because the story wasn't bad.

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