Monday, January 28, 2013

Race 2: Movie Review

I watched Race however many years ago, and I remember it leaving me boggled. It was one of the first movies I'd seen that had so many twists and turns, all of which somehow even made sense! Every time someone switched sides, I gasped in surprise and thought "this has to be the last twist." The movie didn't receive as much acclaim as I'd hoped, but it did fairly well, which was good. I've seen the movie probably half a dozen more times since then, and the movie never fails to entertain me. I feel like I'm on an adventure every time, and there isn't a single slow point in the movie.

I've been excited about Race 2 since I heard about it, and so I had to watch it as soon as I got the opportunity. Today was that day. I just finished watching the movie about an hour ago (as those of you who follow me on Twitter already know), soooo here's the review!

So as always, I'll start with the story. Let's start with what we know coming in to the movie. Ranveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan) is our hero, and Armaan Malik (John Abraham) is our villain. I'd now like to take a small tangent and talk about how much I love that John Abraham's name is Armaan Malik since that was Karan Singh Grover's character's name in Dill Mill Gayye (any fans here?). Okay tangent over, and back to the story. Elena (Deepika Padukone) is Armaan's half-sister, and Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez) is his girlfriend. Anil Kapoor reprises his role as Robert D'Costa, or RD, and his new assistant is Cherry (Amisha Patel). So Ranveer goes to Armaan, a wealthy casino owner, seeking revenge for the murder of his wife Sonia (Bipasha Basu). Armaan loves his money, and he and his sister have created a huge business empire based on black money. What follows is a series of twists and turns just like in Race. That's all I'm going to say without having any spoilers.

The entire time this movie was going on, I was thinking to myself: "okay now who's gonna betray whom?" Unfortunately, most plot twists were predictable. I figured out most of the twists, and had high expectations that at least the end would blow my mind a bit. Unfortunately, the end had the most predictable twist. I'm not sure if the reason for that is the fact that I've seen Race and expected everything, or that this movie was indeed not written or planned as well as the first one. So moving on to dialogues. There were a lot of cheesy and lame lines (like "he's gonna be so dead, and I'm gonna be very rich."), but then there were some epic ones (like "...kyunki main is race ka sabse purana khiladi hoon") too, most of which were delivered by Ranveer. The movie had a few stunts in it as well, which were gripping, unique, and well executed. Definitely a plus, in my opinion.

Acting wise, everyone was fine. As you probably know, I'm not a Deepika fan. She wasn't bad in this movie though. That being said, her role wasn't that big, so she didn't have much room to go wrong in. Speaking of actors, what's Amisha Patel doing in movies again?!

The soundtrack is decent. Party On My Mind has grown on me, and Be Intehaan is good too. Allah Duhai Hai is epic, and Lat Lag Gayee is catchy. It's no Zara Zara Touch Me, Pehli Nazar Mein, and Khwab Dekhe combo, but it's still not bad.

Overall, if you liked Race, you'll enjoy Race 2 as well. If you didn't like Race, I wouldn't recommend watching Race 2 (unless you want to see John Abraham). I liked that this movie showed some ties with Race and actually was a continuation of the story from Race. The end of this strongly alluded to a Race 3 in the future, which I am definitely looking forward to. Race is still better than Race 2, but Race 2 does have it's fair share of entertainment. I thought I was just half an hour into the movie, but in fact I was an hour and a half into it. That just goes to say that the movie is gripping and will keep you entertained throughout.

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  1. A Sequel to 2008 movie Race. The story has been picked up nicely and the start cast is flashy. People have doubted acting capabilities of Jacquiline Fernandes but she proves them wrong. she plays an important role with both close and distant shots and the expressions and body language seems very confident. Moreover hindi dialogues by a Sri Lankan Model is what we least expect. John justifies what he is paid for and Saif looks equally good as compared to the previous version of movie. Many are doubting the purpose of introduction of Ameesha Patel, but remember as the movie was not closed, Race 3 is on the cards and that,s where a change of lead actress can be expected. Good music, Locations of Turkey and smart cars... A complete entertainer.