Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Year of Sequels

2012 seems to be the year of sequels. So far this year, we've seen Housefull 2, Jannat 2, Jism 2, and Raaz 3. Of these, I saw the first two and liked them. I don't think I'll watch Raaz 3, but I've heard mixed reviews about Jism 2, so I'll probably check it out. This is already a ton of sequels for one year....but wait. There's more.

As you probably already know, there are a couple more sequels lined up for release for the rest of the year. The Dabangg 2 trailer came out last week. Personally I'm a huge Sallu fan, so I'm excited for this movie. Khiladi 786 is also coming out this year. This isn't a "sequel" per se, but it's the return of the Khiladi series from the 90s andddd it comes with a signature step just like Dabangg and Singham did. Both of these movies will probably be silly and fairly ridiculous, but hey! Those movies can be entertaining, so I don't really mind.

In 2013, we've got Dhoom 3 and Race 2 coming out. Dhoom 3 has Aamir Khan as the villain, which sounds awesome. Mamujaan Aamir and bhaanje Imran are finally going to be in a movie together, which should be interesting. I'm also excited to see Neil Nitin Mukesh in a project that will actually draw a lot of attention. He's very underrated in the industry.

Race 2 has John Abraham, which I'm excited about. It alsooo has Ameesha Patel. I know what you're thinking and I agree. Ameesha Patel?! Really?! Why? I know a lot of people disliked Race, but I loved it. It was like a roller coaster ride with lots of twists, and I was definitely a fan of that. I even liked Players, which even more people disliked. Straight up thrillers don't seem to do well in India, which I find kind of sad. I know Players had a ton of flop actors, but I still enjoyed that movie. Hopefully Race 2 keeps the the gripping thriller aspects and does well at the same time.

Well anyways, here's hoping all these sequels don't disappoint! I'm definitely looking forward to the soundtracks from all these movies!

Oh and also, HAPPY DIWALI!!!! Light an extra firecracker and eat some extra mithai on my behalf please!


  1. I basically dislike this trend. If its a genuine sequel, then fine. Otherwise why use the same name and put a "2" after it? Are the directors so numb and dim that they cant think decent titles? For example jannat 2, raaz 3, raaz 2,jism 2- basically the bhatts are the experts in this. As it is,they used to lift their entire plots from foreign films (murder, murder 2, raaz, to name a few). Recently they have started lifting even songs (jism 2, raaz 3). And now this- only shows total zero creativity on their parts. And mind you-shooting love making scenes in different ways isn't what we call creativity.

    1. I don't mind the trend. I enjoyed Housefull 2 more than Housefull, for example. I agree that they may as well rename it though. The Bhatt clan's movies aren't at all related to their predecessors, so it would make more sense to rename the movie. At the same time though, horror movie series work kind of differently. If you look at Scary Movie, Saw, Final Destination, Paranormal Activity, etc., all these are series where each movie is completely independent of the other. The Dhoom movies keep the name because although they are different movies, "Dhoom" has that appeal to it because the first one was such a big hit. Plus some characters stay the same and build from one to the other. From the looks of it, Race 2 and Dabangg 2 seem to be true sequels, so I don't mind it there.