Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Khiladi 786: Music Review

Lonely: This song started out and I liked it. Then the singing started, and I was like wtf am I listening to?! About halfway through the song though, I started singing along to it. There was a little bit of Namastey London in the song, which I liked.

Balma: I saw the promo for this a while ago, and I love that it starts out with Party Rock Anthem, adds some Sheila, some Duniya Mein Logon Ko, sprinkle some Don, and ta-daaa. You've now got a catchy song. I also really like the guy's voice. I looked it up, and the singer is Sreeram from Indian Idol. It's always nice to see people you watched in these reality shows come into movies.

Long Drive: This is a semi-Punjabi number. It's not bad, but I feel like I'd have to be on a long drive to actually listen to it.

Sari Sari Raat: I love the music in this song. It reminds me of Graduation by Vitamin C, which always makes me a bit reminiscent of grade school as it is. Then Himesh started singing, which was surprisingly not super annoying. This may be my favorite song of the lot.

Hookah Bar: "Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar" is the chorus. Okay sorry, but that's kind of a desperate rhyme. I read reviews and saw this song would be bad, but I was like nah it probs isn't that bad. It's pretty bad.

Khiladi (Title Track): This song seems like a typical introduction track. Dabangg had it, Singham had it, and now Khiladi does too. I'm pretty excited to see if there's a silly signature step in this one too. Vineet is the singer in this, and I loooooved hearing him. He was one of my favorite SaReGaMaPa contestants. I also wasn't surprised to hear him since uske sar par Himesh Bhai ka haath hai.

Tu Hoor Pari: This is a folk song with a touch of qawwali. It was okay. I liked parts, and didn't like parts. It's growing on me though.

Overall, the soundtrack isn't as bad as I expected after reading a couple other reviews. I think it's a decent album, and will suit the movie well.


  1. akshay kumar is on the way of being another govinda.......i miss the akshay kumar of hera pheri and other priyadarshan films...

    1. personally I'm a huge fan of Govinda's, but his recent stuff has been crap. Akshay is getting there but IMO he's not quite there yet. A lot of superstars have started not giving a f*** about plot and story recently, which is kind of sad, but remember that in order to sell something, it needs "entertainment, entertainment, entertainment."