Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aalaap: Music Review

I hadn't hear about this movie until very recently on Twitter. It's a movie about music, as the name suggests, and Manish Manikpuri's directorial debut. Anyways, onto the music.

Ek Nayi Roshni: This is a full out rock song, and I loved it. It's one of my favorite songs from this album for sure!

Dil Yeh Awaaz De: This song's got a strange kind of introduction and then the pace picks up a little after the first minute and a half. It's a different kind of song, but I really liked it.

Pa Paara Paa: I like this song. Students are singing it about their "Hitler" teachers, telling them to "take it easy dude." It's a rock kind of song, and definitely catchy. The video is okayish.

Soniye: It's called Soniye, so it's a love song. Right? WRONG!!! This is surprisingly a patriotic song. Overall it's okay. Not my favorite of the lot.

Shuruwat Pyaar Ki: This is a really sweet love song. It has an acoustic guitar base and is super melodious. This song was okay on the first couple listens but really good on the third!

Chadhti Jawaani: I went in expecting some new take on "chadhti jawaani meri chaal mastaani," but that's the exact opposite of this song. This is a situational item song, but it's not the typical item song we get nowadays. It's a folk based item song and is really catchy. I've heard it like 6 or 7 times already and it's just continuously growing on me.


  1. Average Movie: Script is horrible. No direction. Camera work is average. The movies runs like a local train in the first half. Plus point of this movie is Music. Has done a good job in that area. Overall I would say if you have nothing to do and feel thrown out, watch this movie. Else PASS.....

    1. hmmm yeah I can see that happening. I wasn't really planning on watching it, but I'm glad you told me!! :)