Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 35 Beats of 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!! Hope everyone is having amazing holidays!

Here is my top 35 for 2012. I am not actually a critic, so there are no Gangs of Wasseypur, Chittagong, Barfi, or English Vinglish. I don't really watch artsy movies, and I just haven't had a chance to watch Barfi or English Vinglish yet. I'm assuming I'd like songs from those movies more when I watch those movies, but as of now, I'm not a huge fan.

So without further ado, here goes:
  1. Pani Da Rang Vicky Donor
  2. Pareshaan Ishaqzaade
  3. Luttna Cocktail
  4. Abhi Abhi Jism 2
  5. Heer Jab Tak Hai Jaan
  6. Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff Teri Meri Kahaani
  7. Tujhe Sochta Hoon Jannat 2
  8. Pungi Agent Vinod
  9. The Disco Song Student of the Year
  10. Shirt Da Button Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum
  11. Tera Naam Japdi Phiran Cocktail
  12. Challa Jab Tak Hai Jaan
  13. Jugni Cocktail
  14. Tere Bina Tezz
  15. Jee Le Zara Talaash
  16. Piya O Re Piya Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
  17. Tera Deedar Hua Jannat 2
  18. Raabta Agent Vinod
  19. Radha Student of the Year
  20. Mujhko Teri Zaroorat Hai Jodi Breakers
  21. Jhalla Wallah Ishaqzaade
  22. Mashallah Ek Tha Tiger
  23. Mann Jaage Bittoo Boss
  24. Duaa Shanghai
  25. Fevicol Se Dabangg 2
  26. Kaun Kenda Bittoo Boss
  27. Yaariyan Cocktail
  28. Halkat Jawani Heroine
  29. Chikni Chameli Agneepath
  30. Chammak Challo Chel Chabeli Rowdy Rathore
  31. Daaru Desi Cocktail
  32. I'll Do The Talking Tonight Agent Vinod
  33. Tumhi Ho Bandhu Cocktail
  34. Anarkali Disco Chali Housefull 2
  35. Dagabaaz Re Dabangg 2

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Upcoming Post

Hey everyone! Tis the season of finals, and so as with all other college students, I too am currently facing the horrible and awful wrath of finals. That's my excuse and reason for not posting a top 10 for wasn't that great a month for songs anyways, so no problem.

Buuuut just a quick heads up, this New Year's I'll post my top beats of 2012! If you're not already excited, check out the mid year top 60 and get pumped! I'm going to try to keep this list shorter than 60...probably around 30 or so...let's see how that goes.

So for the time being, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! For those taking finals, I wish you the best of luck. May your holidays be filled with lots of good grades! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

ABCD (Anybody Can Dance) Trailer

So a week or so ago, the trailer for Remo's new movie ABCD (Anybody Can Dance) came out. I heard about this movie a while ago because Dance India Dance is one my favorite shows, and Remo talked about this movie on there. That's when I thought the movie was not going to be very good just based on Remo's previous track record. F.A.L.T.U. was a complete faltu movie. This is why I also haven't posted anything about this movie despite all the hype it's receiving on my Facebook News Feed. I just saw yet another post about it there though, so I had to share my thoughts on it.

Take a look at the trailer...

Firstly, this movie is in 3D. Why? Does anybody else hate 3D movies? They make the movie watching experience strenuous without adding much value. I am definitely not a fan. Secondly, this movie looks just like Step Up. If that's the case, I think Remo needs to stick to choreography and only make movies if he can come up with stories by himself. F.A.L.T.U. was a complete copy of Accepted. Before the movie came out, this relation was denied completely, but having seen Accepted and the first half or so of F.A.L.T.U., it's petty clear that it was a copy. I honestly hope ABCD offers more than yet another direct lift off a previous movie.

So those are the negatives. Now for the biggest positive: the cast. Prabhu Deva is an amazing dancer, and there's no doubt about that. I'm excited to see Kay Kay Menon after a while too. What I'm most excited about though is all the Dance India Dance contestants. In the promo, I noticed Salman, Dharmesh, Kishore, Mayuresh, Mohena, Vrushali, and more. I can't wait to see them all dance together. All of them are so talented! Plus it's nice to see them doing well!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kahaani: Movie Review

So I finally saw Kahaani a couple months ago and got lazy about writing the review. I'll finally share my thoughts about this with you now.

Usually I start out with my reviews on acting, but in this case, I'm going to omit that analysis because I think everyone acted pretty well in this movie.

Now let's talk about plot. This is the story (the kahaani, if you will) of a pregnant woman who came to Kolkota in search of her husband. She goes to the cops, who fail at finding her husband and in fact don't even believe that he exists. There's a twist when Vidya realizes that her husband has a lookalike and tries to find him that way, but basically all forces turn against her. The story goes on from there as she continues the search despite all other factors. It's a pretty interesting plot in itself, but my favorite part is the intelligence with which this movie is crafted. It's all very well put together, and I personally had a huge mind-blast moment at the end. It also helps that I'm a huge fan of thrillers.

If/when you watch this movie (again), think of Vidya as Durga Maa, and if you know anything about Durga Maa, you'll start noticing similarities. That in itself is pretty cool. I didn't know about that while I was watching the movie, but I just realized that some posters even depict her in the Durga Maa avatar. It's also kind of interesting that the movie takes place during Durga Puja, which kind of makes the Vidya-Durga Maa parallelism a bit more obvious. The whole double name thing for Bengalis (Inspector Satyoki/Rana) parallels the duality in her name and in her husband's name. There are several other subtle things in the movie that show how much thought went into the script and how mindful everything was of a meta-story while still making a gripping movie. I surprisingly do enjoy my fair share of mindless movies, but this was not one of them and I loved it. I don't want to give too much away about the ending (even if it has been out for a while now), but at the very end, it completely makes sense why the name of the movie is Kahaani, and I remember getting goosebumps when I figured that out.

If you haven't already seen this movie, I would definitely recommend it. There's a reason this movie ended up being such a big hit!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dabangg 2: Music Review

Dagabaaz Re: "Tere naina bade dagabaaz re" seems like the sequel to Tere Mast Mast Do Nain. It's a soft Sufi style song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that isn't quite as magical as Tere Mast Mast Do Nain but it comes close.

PandeyJee Seeti: This is the most upbeat song in the movie and is to be picturized on Mallaika Arora Khan again. This is the return of Munni. It's super catchy and I couldn't help but tap my feet along with it. I love the bits of Munni in here...they put the iconic tune in a little and her name is still Munni.

Fevicol Se: We've moved on from Jhandu Balm to Fevicol. This is the second item number of this movie and is picturized on Kareena. I thought this was okay. Nothing too great, but I'm excited to see Kareena in this!

Saanson Ne: This is a romantic song. Personally, I didn't feel this as much as Chori Kiya Re Jiya in Dabangg. It was still not bad though.

Dabangg Reloaded: This is a sort of faster-pace reprise of Udd Udd Dabangg. Can't go wrong with Sukhwinder Singh in this type of song. Did anyone else think of Chale Chalo from Lagaan in the beginning?

One can't help but compare this album to the original Dabangg, which is kind of unfortunate for this album. Dabangg is up there in the list of albums with great music, so being fully compared to that is difficult. I missed the Dabangg magic in this album, but by itself, this album is still nice.

This album also got me really excited for the movie because it seems to be a true sequel rather than a completely disjoint story with more or less the same plot. Super excited for this!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Year of Sequels

2012 seems to be the year of sequels. So far this year, we've seen Housefull 2, Jannat 2, Jism 2, and Raaz 3. Of these, I saw the first two and liked them. I don't think I'll watch Raaz 3, but I've heard mixed reviews about Jism 2, so I'll probably check it out. This is already a ton of sequels for one year....but wait. There's more.

As you probably already know, there are a couple more sequels lined up for release for the rest of the year. The Dabangg 2 trailer came out last week. Personally I'm a huge Sallu fan, so I'm excited for this movie. Khiladi 786 is also coming out this year. This isn't a "sequel" per se, but it's the return of the Khiladi series from the 90s andddd it comes with a signature step just like Dabangg and Singham did. Both of these movies will probably be silly and fairly ridiculous, but hey! Those movies can be entertaining, so I don't really mind.

In 2013, we've got Dhoom 3 and Race 2 coming out. Dhoom 3 has Aamir Khan as the villain, which sounds awesome. Mamujaan Aamir and bhaanje Imran are finally going to be in a movie together, which should be interesting. I'm also excited to see Neil Nitin Mukesh in a project that will actually draw a lot of attention. He's very underrated in the industry.

Race 2 has John Abraham, which I'm excited about. It alsooo has Ameesha Patel. I know what you're thinking and I agree. Ameesha Patel?! Really?! Why? I know a lot of people disliked Race, but I loved it. It was like a roller coaster ride with lots of twists, and I was definitely a fan of that. I even liked Players, which even more people disliked. Straight up thrillers don't seem to do well in India, which I find kind of sad. I know Players had a ton of flop actors, but I still enjoyed that movie. Hopefully Race 2 keeps the the gripping thriller aspects and does well at the same time.

Well anyways, here's hoping all these sequels don't disappoint! I'm definitely looking forward to the soundtracks from all these movies!

Oh and also, HAPPY DIWALI!!!! Light an extra firecracker and eat some extra mithai on my behalf please!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Month: October

So as you may know, I decided sometime last month to move from weekly top 10s to monthly top 10s, since a lot of songs ended up repeating week to week and it got boring. Sooo presenting, the first ever Pardesi Beat Top 10 Beats of the Month!!

  1. Challa Jab Tak Hai Jaan
  2. Vele Student of the Year
  3. Sari Sari Raat Khiladi 786
  4. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana
  5. Jiya Lage Na Talaash
  6. Chup Chup Ke Rush
  7. Sava Dollar Aiyya
  8. Boom Boom (Lip Lock) Ajab Gazab Love
  9. Appy Budday Kismat Love Paisa Dilli
  10. Kabhi Kabhi (Funk Remix) Son of Sardaar
In all honesty, the bottom three are songs that I pretty much never listen to. They fall in this time range though and so appear on here.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Khiladi 786: Music Review

Lonely: This song started out and I liked it. Then the singing started, and I was like wtf am I listening to?! About halfway through the song though, I started singing along to it. There was a little bit of Namastey London in the song, which I liked.

Balma: I saw the promo for this a while ago, and I love that it starts out with Party Rock Anthem, adds some Sheila, some Duniya Mein Logon Ko, sprinkle some Don, and ta-daaa. You've now got a catchy song. I also really like the guy's voice. I looked it up, and the singer is Sreeram from Indian Idol. It's always nice to see people you watched in these reality shows come into movies.

Long Drive: This is a semi-Punjabi number. It's not bad, but I feel like I'd have to be on a long drive to actually listen to it.

Sari Sari Raat: I love the music in this song. It reminds me of Graduation by Vitamin C, which always makes me a bit reminiscent of grade school as it is. Then Himesh started singing, which was surprisingly not super annoying. This may be my favorite song of the lot.

Hookah Bar: "Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar" is the chorus. Okay sorry, but that's kind of a desperate rhyme. I read reviews and saw this song would be bad, but I was like nah it probs isn't that bad. It's pretty bad.

Khiladi (Title Track): This song seems like a typical introduction track. Dabangg had it, Singham had it, and now Khiladi does too. I'm pretty excited to see if there's a silly signature step in this one too. Vineet is the singer in this, and I loooooved hearing him. He was one of my favorite SaReGaMaPa contestants. I also wasn't surprised to hear him since uske sar par Himesh Bhai ka haath hai.

Tu Hoor Pari: This is a folk song with a touch of qawwali. It was okay. I liked parts, and didn't like parts. It's growing on me though.

Overall, the soundtrack isn't as bad as I expected after reading a couple other reviews. I think it's a decent album, and will suit the movie well.

Student of the Year: Movie Review

Student of the Year when announced seemed like a mega cheesy movie that would completely suck. The only reason I was interested at all was that both guys were hot and the girl seemed cute. Then the songs, and more importantly their promos, came out. I loved those promos so much I even had my non-Indian roommates singing along to Radha. Every single promo offered something new, and my favorite was no matter what song it was, there were some jealous/angry/competitive looks exchanged, which just made me more curious as to what the movie would be about. By the time the movie released, my friends and I were all super pumped and excited to watch it. We all thought it was going to be a horrible movie, but we hoped it would still be at least a little entertaining and were mostly excited to see the guys and the full videos for the songs. I finally saw it last Thursday, and was pleasantly surprised. Warning: I got a bit carried away in excitement while writing this review, so it's a little long.

Let's first talk about the plot. Basically Rohan (Varun Dhawan) is the big shot in the school (or college, I's not really that important) and he has been dating Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) for like 3 years. Rohan is the son of a business tycoon (Ram Kapoor) and is super rich, so all the girls chase after him and all the guys are his chamchas (spoons). Shanaya is a spoiled brat who's completely clueless yet popular. Her biggest competition is Tanya (Sana Saeed aka little Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) who shamelessly flirts with Rohan all the time. One day, with a complete Hrithik Roshan from K3G style entrance with the song Kukkad, Abhi (Sidharth Malhotra) comes to college and of course ends up one-up-ing Rohan.

The two compete for a bit but then of course become best friends. Now in case you can't tell from the Ishq Wala Love promos, both guys end up loving the girl and we have a typical love triangle. This triangle is complicated by the fact that the dean of the school (Rishi Kapoor) holds an annual Student of the Year competition for the students that consists of a couple elimination rounds and a final triathlon that rewards the winner with scholarships to Ivy League colleges. It doesn't help that Rohan's dad thinks Rohan is a complete nalayak (good for nothing) boy and that Abhi is much better. The story goes from there.

In itself, the plot is eh. It's pretty much what you would expect from the promos...there's nothing new or surprising in the story itself. What made the movie better than expected was that there was never a dull moment. The movie somehow managed to keep me completely involved from beginning (well...10 minutes into the movie) to end. The first 10 minutes or so were confusing, overly animated, and frankly stupid. We were all pretty convinced the movie would be horrible at that point. Once the story actually picked up though, we all got into it. To start the movie off, all main characters were introduced really well and the audience took a liking to all three of them right off the bat. They also remixed old songs, which I completely loved. Once the story picked up, there were verryyyy few scenes that dragged. Usually though, once a scene got too happy or too sad, something was said or something happened that changed the mood completely. Now I'm not saying this took you on a complete 3 Idiots kind of emotional roller coaster, but there was still more emotional depth than expected. I definitely shed a tear or two in the middle and literally laughed out loud several times.

A lot of the comedic punches were hilarious, like the Rohan/Abhi gay joke, a lot of Rishi Kapoor's lines, etc., and many one liners and gags were pretty well executed. A couple of my favorites (paraphrased a bit because contrary to popular belief, I don't actually have a photographic memory) are "akkad ki bhi koi aukat hoti hai, aur is college mein woh meri hai" and "is duniya mein do type ke log hote hain - ek chamcha aur doosra kaanta." Both of these, and more, are pretty well worded.

Okay before I continue going on about how there was never a dull moment and the movie was so much better than expected blah blah blah same stuff I've said so many times already, let's move on to acting. All three of the main characters are newbies. Alia did a very convincing job as the ditsy Shanaya. She had the correct balance of cute, bubbly, sassy, and clueless. Sidharth was good as Abhi and lived up to the stubbornness, arrogance, and ambitiousness his character required. He could have done better on the vulnerability part, but he wasn't bad. Varun as Rohan was by far my favorite. He was that tough guy with a heart of gold...your stereotypical musician. He was arrogant and stubborn at times, but his good intentions and charm won me over. He also handled the emotional scenes really well. What makes Varun even better is that he can actually dance...really well! I definitely want to see a lot more of him. Oh and before we move on, there was another famous person who made their debut in this movie. Sana Saeed, who as I said previously was the girl who played Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, played the role of Tanya. It took me a while to recognize her since this is the first time I've seen her since KKHH, but she did a good job. It was really nice to see her in a movie, but I can't picture her as a lead actress unfortunately. Maybe she'll come in another movie and prove me wrong, but we'll see.

Then we see Rishi Kapoor as the dean. He is flawless as always and perfectly captures the spirit of the character. The way he says "dishoom dishoom dishoom dishoom" and "boys will be boys" was hilarious. I highly doubt anyone else could have performed that role as beautifully as he did. Ronit Roy as the coach, Ram Kapoor as the business tycoon, and Boman Irani as the rival school's dean were all good as well.

Overall the movie was much much better than I would have imagined and I enjoyed the entire thing. It was a bit predictable, but it's not like I was there for the plot anyways. It's a typical Karan Johar movie, so there's a lot of masti, masala, and cheesiness, but I actually liked it more than I liked a lot of other K-Jo movies. In fact, I'm already excited to watch this movie again, whenever that may be.

Oh and btw, I'm not gonna give out too many spoilers, but let's just say that even if you hate the movie, the surprise in The Disco Song will make the entire movie worth it for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Talaash: Music Review

Muskaanein Jhooti Hai: The song itself is not bad. The voice was a little different, but still nice. The picturization reminds me of Kaisi Paheli Zindagani from Parineeta.

Jee Le Zara: I love the raspiness in Vishal's voice, and it suits this song really well. I'm definitely a fan.

Jiya Lage Na: This song starts out really slow, but a little after 30 seconds, the beat kicks in, and makes the classical sounding song fully semi-classical. The tabla mixed with the quick background music sounds pretty good. It reminds me of the slow/fast pace change from Kyun Main Jaagoon.

Hona Hai Kya: I love the beat and tune of this song. It reminds me of the Don soundtrack a lot, and I feel like the picturization could be intense or really cool, so definitely looking forward to that.

Laakh Duniya Kahe: This is a nice, slow, and soothing song.

Overall, this a very soft album with a beautiful set of songs. Definitely check it out!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Music Review

Challa: I really like this song. Rabbi Shergill songs are usually pretty good (my fave is probably Tere Bin Sanu Sonya), and this is no exception.

I'm not a huge fan of SRK singing this. This image in general doesn't fit him, and the song suits him even less.

Saans: The song starts out with some strong orchestra and then goes into a typical Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal song. This of course works because that genre of music is difficult to go wrong with. It's a romantic number picturized on Katrina and SRK, which is a little weird for me, but it's not bad. The reprise of this song is just a slower, sadder version of this song.

Ishq Shava: Raghav sang this song!! I was so excited when I heard this! I've been a Raghav fan for years, so I was looking forward to hearing this song. In all honesty, I did not like this song the first time I heard it. I read a ton about it though and listened to it again. The song is definitely growing on me and it's kind of catchy. I've had the main line stuck in my head for a while.

Heer: I knew I liked this song from the "hooo" start. I had to look up the singer after hearing her voice, and Harshdeep Kaur also sang Jugni from Cocktail (probably my favorite album this year). She does Sufi songs extremely well. This is just another example of that. The music composition is beautiful with the strong violins.

Jiya Re: This song was alright. It was a bit too repetitive though.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan: This is the title track for the movie, and it was okay. I liked the beginning, but after that it was eh.

Ishq Dance: This is an instrumental. It reminds me a lot of the instrumental in Mohobbatein, but more dramatic. I don't love it as much as Fatal Attraction from Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl, but it's still not bad.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Poem): I'm not an SRK fan. If you've read my previous blog posts, this shouldn't be news to you. One thing I do like about him though is his ability to speak. The poem is SRK's voice with AR Rahman's music in the background. The recitation of the poem is not bad, as is expected from SRK. The killer in the audio though is the music, which ranges from light to intense and adds a lot to the poem.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ajab Gazabb Love: Music Review

Boom Boom (Lip Lock): This was the first song to be released and came out about a week or so ago. Somehow this song just doesn't do it for me. The beat gets old really fast.

Tu: Any given Mohit Chauhan song can only be so bad. This was once again a decent song sort of reminiscent of the music of the late 1990s, early 2000s.

Sun Soniye: Not a bad song. It's got a slight Latin feel to it. I had to listen to it like three times before I liked it though.

Nachde Punjabi: This reminds me of earlier Punjabi tracks, so I liked it.

Overall, this was a very average album. There was nothing too exciting here, but it wasn't bad. I hope this movie doesn't flop. Jackie Bhagnani is pretty underrated and I think he has potential, but it's just always hidden by the flops he acts in. Also, does anyone else think he looks like a mix of Madhavan and Uday Chopra?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: September 9 - 15, 2012

  1. Vele Student of the Year
  2. Mashallah Ek Tha Tiger
  3. Gustakh Dil English Vinglish
  4. Jaane Bhi De Ishqk In Paris
  5. Tujhpe Fida Heroine
  6. Kyon Barfi
  7. Sing Raja Joker
  8. Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  9. Mere Nishaan OMG Oh My God
  10. Ramba Mein Samba Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
  11. Dariya Ho Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

The Ishqk In Paris and Kismet Love Paisa Dilli soundtracks came out this week! Overall, both were eh, but Ishqk In Paris (gosh I hate typing that name) wasn't as bad as KLPD.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: September 2 - September 8, 2012

  1. Ishq Wala Love Student of the Year
  2. Laapata Ek Tha Tiger
  3. Gustakh Dil English Vinglish
  4. Tujhpe Fida Heroine
  5. Ala Barfi Barfi
  6. Sing Raja Joker
  7. Hum To Hain Cappuccino Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  8. Mere Nishaan OMG Oh My God
  9. Khatti Meethi Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
  10. Dariya Ho Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal
The English Vinglish soundtrack came out this past week, and it's overall pretty melodious, as can be expected from Amit Trivedi.

The first look at Ajab Gazab Love also came out with the track Boom Boom, but the track hasn't made the countdown yet.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi: Movie Review

Wow it's been a while since my last movie review!! I definitely have to fix that, sooo here's a review of Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi.

 Okay let's start with the story. It's kind of out of the ordinary (as you probably already knew) because the protagonists are both older than the average heroes and heroines. The story itself though is fairly straightforward. Two middle-aged people meet randomly, and Farhad immediately falls in love. They go on a couple dates, and soon they're a couple. Farhad's mom coincidentally hates Shirin, which creates some problems, but in true Hindi movie ishtyle, the hero and heroine overcome all their problems and end up with a happily ever after.

Overall the story was bland and not very exciting. It had potential if executed right, but anytime the story started developing, something silly or unnecessary happened to stop the flow. I expected a more complete rom-com, but it didn't live up to hopes and expectations. There were, however, a few "awww" moments that were really cute.

So now let's move on to the acting. Boman Irani, as we all know, is amazing. He's one of the most talented actors Bollywood has and I will always love him. That being said, this didn't live up to his own standards. Farah Khan made her acting debut in this movie. In a lot of scenes, she seemed confident and portrayed her character well, but in every scene that required a sad or heartfelt emotion, she was completely lacking.

The music of this movie was pretty good. Ramba Mein Samba has the best possible picturization for a filmi buff like me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my quick rant about the awesomeness here. The picturization didn't fit in the movie that well, but oh well. That kind of stuff is easily forgiven in Bollywood. Khatti Meethi is a super cute song. The rest of the songs were decent as well.

Overall, this movie was okay. I didn't have very high expectations in the first place, so I wasn't super disappointed. I did, however, expect the story to be a bit more gripping than it was. Unfortunately it didn't work for me.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Student of the Year: Music Review

Firstly, I'm soooo sorry my posts have been seldom and scarce lately. I've been super busy with my internship and college, so haven't had time. I promise I'll get my review of Barfi (which everyone seems to love) out soon as well. For now though, I'll review a more recent album, Student of the Year.

Radha: This song has a semi traditional feel mixed with more modern beats. It doesn't completely sound contemporary, but it's not bad. I still can't believe the lyrics include the sentence "Radha likes to move that sexy Radha body" though. That's just unfortunate.

Ratta Maar: After reading the name of this song, I expected a Masti Ki Pathshaala type fast pace and loud song. This song actually has a very different feel. It's one of those sway-with-it type songs. I enjoyed the song overall.

The Disco Song (Disco Deewane):  be a remake of Disco Deewane, so that was a very pleasant surprise. I still wasn't completely thrilled with this song though. The tune is nice, but it could have been a bit faster or at least had some more dramatic beats. That being said, it still got stuck in my head for a while and I went around singing the chorus for a couple days. The picturization was also okay. I wasn't a fan of the choreography, and I'm interested in seeing how a full disco number fits in with a seemingly modern movie.

Ishq Wala Love: This is a super cute song. It's a melodious love song and just sounds really sweet. The lyrics are adorable too!! Definitely one of my favorites of the album.

Kukkad: This is a very typical Punjabi track that describes one of the heroes who apparently gets all the girls. I've got no clue which hero this is about, but the comments on YouTube suggest it's Siddharth Malhotra (who plays Abhimanyu).

Vele: This is another Punjabi track, and it will probably grow on me. The Punjabi was fine and normal and stuff, but then there was this random dubstep section with some Punjabi beats in the background, which kind of blew my mind. I keep forgetting that dubstep has made its way into India, so it's always fun to hear.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: August 26 - September 1, 2012

  1. Ishq Wala Love Student of the Year
  2. Yeh Jism Jism 2
  3. Banjaara Ek Tha Tiger
  4. Aashiyan Barfi
  5. Kafirana Joker
  6. Don't Worry (Hey Ram) OMG Oh My God
  7. Hum To Hain Cappuccino Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  8. Ramba Mein Samba Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
  9. Halkat Jawani Heroine
  10. Dariya Ho Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal
The Student of the Year soundtrack came out this week. That review is already scheduled to be posted tomorrow!! The Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal soundtrack also came out this week. This is supposed to be the sequel to Malamaal Weekly.
Cocktail is a significant album that is no longer on the list because it has been outdated and there are quite a few good newer songs. It's still good (Jugni, Luttna, and Tera Naap Jhapdi Phiran are popular plays for me), but it's a bit older than these songs now.

Also, special shoutout to Ramba Mein Samba. I finally saw the video a bit over a week ago, and I love the filminess! There are scenes from previous movies (like DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, etc.) and then the last bit of choreography is a quick mashup of iconic steps (in order: Chaiyya Chaiyya, Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Munni Badnaam Hui, Sheila Ki Jawaani, Shava Shava, Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan). It was basically that filmi segment of Pee Pa on steroids!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: August 19 - August 25, 2012

  1. Yeh Jism Jism 2
  2. Mashallah Ek Tha Tiger
  3. Aashiyan Barfi
  4. Kafirana Joker
  5. Hari Bolo OMG Oh My God
  6. Deewana Kar Raha Hai Raaz 3
  7. Halkat Jawani Heroine
  8. Hum To Hain Cappuccino Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  9. Luttna Cocktail
  10. Khatti Meethi Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
OMG Oh My God, Heroine, and Barfi soundtracks finally came out this week!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: August 12 - August 18, 2012

  1. Yeh Jism Jism 2
  2. Mashallah Ek Tha Tiger
  3. Kafirana Joker
  4. Deewana Kar Raha Hai Raaz 3
  5. Shirt Da Button Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  6. Halkat Jawani Heroine
  7. Tera Naam Jhapdi Phiran Cocktail
  8. Kaafir Andhere Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
  9. Go Go Govinda OMG Oh My God
  10. Ala Barfi Barfi
I just saw Shivam perform Yeh Jism on Indian Idol, and I just fell in love with the song. Such an amazing rendition. Also, if you're an Indian Idol fan, you should check out Amit and Swaroop's Tashan Mein from today as well (August 18). It was a phenomenal performance!

Anyways, new songs this week include Halkat Jawani from Heroine, which was bekaar (not so great) at first, but is slowly growing on me. There's also Go Go Govinda from OMG Oh My God, the promo for which is out. The song is picturized on Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhu Deva. The more I see Sonakshi, the more I like her. She's also a really good dancer. I know a few of my friends disagree, but I think Chamak Challo Chel Chabeli and now Go Go Govinda both show that she definitely has some moves.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Independence Day, India!

Happy Independence Day everyone!! August 15 is one of my favorite days of the year because the atmosphere is awesome. If I'm ever in India around this time, my cousins and I would go up to the roof and fly kites all day. Here in America, August 15 on the weekends is the best because all TV shows (namely SaReGaMaPa, Indian Idol, Dance India Dance, etc.) have specials with the most amazing songs. Everyone is in that deshbhakt (patriotic) mood, so all songs become more impactful all of a sudden.
Some of my favorite August 15 memories have to do with the songs. So, as my tribute to August 15 and its awesomeness, I have put together a list of some of my top 10 favorite patriotic songs. Enjoy, and feel free to add to the list!!
  1. Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon Lata Mangeshkar
  2. Sandese Aate Hain Border
  3. Ae Mere Pyaare Watan Kabuliwala
  4. Ab Tumhare Hawaale Watan Saathiyo Haqeeqat
  5. Dil Diya Hai Karma
  6. Rang De Basanti Rang De Basanti
  7. Maa Tujhe Salaam A.R. Rahman
  8. Hindustani Dus
  9. Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaaye Sarfarosh
  10. East or West India Is the Best Judwaa
Not on the list, but a nice tribute to India:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: August 5 - August 11, 2012

  1. Mashallah Ek Tha Tiger
  2. Abhi Abhi Jism 2
  3. Kafirana Joker
  4. Deewana Kar Raha Hai Raaz 3
  5. Hum To Hain Cappuccino Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  6. Main Kya Karoon Barfi
  7. Kaafir Andhere Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
  8. Tera Naam Jhapdi Phiran Cocktail
  9. Aa Ante Amalapuram Maximum
  10. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
Some songs from Barfi are out, and so is the soundtrack for OMG Oh My God. I haven't heard that soundtrack yet (been travelling so haven't had a chance yet), but I'll let you know how it is when I hear it!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: July 29 - August 4, 2012

  1. Laapata Ek Tha Tiger
  2. Kafirana Joker
  3. Yeh Jism Jism 2
  4. Deewana Kar Raha Hai Raaz 3
  5. Kaafir Andhere Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
  6. Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  7. Main Sharaabi Cocktail
  8. Shuruwat Pyaar Ki Aalap
  9. Aa Ante Amalapuram Maximum
  10. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan

Raaz 3 soundtrack is out. Surprisingly average soundtrack for a Bhatt movie starring Emraan Hashmi, but this one song is not bad.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Penn Masala

This is my new obsession. Penn Masala is the world's first Hindi a cappella group. For those who don't know, a cappella is basically singing without instruments, so they make their own music by beat boxing, humming, etc. This group is a Hindi group in America, so they mix Hindi and English songs. Other such groups include Chai-Town from the University of Illinois, Dil Se from UC Berkeley, Ektaal from the University of Virginia, Taal Tadka from Georgia Tech, etc.

Anyways, I'd heard about Penn Masala for years and seen videos on Facebook and stuff since I have some friends at UPenn. I thought they were pretty good, but I had never actually listened to their songs much. A couple days ago, my roommate and I ended up talking about Penn Masala somehow, and so I decided to listen to their stuff at work today. Luckily, they were on Spotify, so I could just let it play in the background as I worked (or pretended to at least).

So long story short, I love almost every song of theirs. Some of my favories are probably:
 - She Will Be Loved - Kabhi Kabhi
 - Heartless - Kabhi Kabhi
 - Bahara
 - Zara Sa - With You
 - Because of You - Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai
 - Aadat - Apologize

I liked a ton of the other ones too, but these are just the ones that I could remember liking off the top of my head. Definitely check them out if you get a chance!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: July 22 - July 28, 2012

  1. Banjaara Ek Tha Tiger
  2. Kafirana Joker
  3. Abhi Abhi Jism 2
  4. Kaafir Andhere Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi
  5. Hum To Hain Cappuccino Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  6. Daaru Desi Cocktail
  7. Mann Qunto Maula Maximum
  8. Shuruwat Pyaar Ki Aalap
  9. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
  10. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: July 15 - July 21, 2012

  1. Laapata Ek Tha Tiger
  2. Shirt Da Button Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  3. Yeh Jism Jism 2
  4. Aa Ante Amalapuram Maximum
  5. Yaariyan Cocktail
  6. Chadhti Jawaani Aalap
  7. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
  8. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar
  9. Pyaar Karna Na Tha Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai
  10. Zindagi Kahe Rahi Hai Qasam Se Qasam Se

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger: Music Review

So I was going to hold off on reviewing this until the evening, but I couldn't. I was listening to the soundtrack at work and just had to share my thoughts.

My favorite thing about this soundtrack is the diversity. You'll know what I mean by the end of this review. I also like that 3/4 songs are danceable, and then there's that one obligatory slow song. It's a good mix. I should also clarify, I don't mean that the dance numbers are super fast blaring music that makes you want to dance. I mean that these songs have very ethnic beats that you can't help but want to dance to. Unfortunately I have to resist so people around me at work don't give me weird looks.

Mashallah: This song came out last week with a promo. It has a very Arabic sound and sounds like one of those bellydancing type songs. Now I'm not really that fond of bellydancing, but I still like that music. This song in particular took a while to grow on me, but it's there now and I've had on replay for a while. Oh and this song also has the word "habibi" in there, which is the one Arabic word that everyone seems to know. Here's the video:

I usually don't comment much on the video, but I have to on this one. I love dancing, and since this album is so dance-y, I can't stop myself. Katrina's dancing has improved so much since she started. The bellydancing she learned for Sheila Ki Jawaani definitely paid off with the semi-bellydancing choreo set on this song.

Laapata: This song has very heavy Latin beats. I can see this song having a very salsa type of choreography. Since this is still Bollywood, I expect a Dekho Nashe Mein from Race kind of video. Definitely looking forward to this since I love Latin dances.

Banjaara: So far we've heard Arabic and Latin sounding songs. This one has a little bit of Irish/Scottish in it. I can definitely picture Irish dancing going on with the iconic traditional Irish music. This was definitely a surprise because I don't think I've ever heard Irish music in Bollywood before.

Saiyaara: I guess every movie has to have a Mohit Chauhan/Kailash Kher/Sonu Nigam/anyone who can do that genre slow-ish heartfelt song. Saiyaara is ETT's. And of course as with every song of this genre (especially those by Mohit Chauhan), this one is good too.

All in all, I really like this album. Definitely check it out. The songs do take a bit to grow on you, but just listen to them a few times and I'm sure you'll like them!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: July 8 - July 14, 2012

  1. Shirt Da Button Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  2. Abhi Abhi Jism 2
  3. Daaru Desi Cocktail
  4. Aa Ante Amalapuram Maximum
  5. Ek Nayi Roshni Aalap
  6. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
  7. Mashallah Ek Tha Tiger
  8. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar
  9. Pyaar Karna Na Tha Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai
  10. Zindagi Kahe Rahi Hai Qasam Se Qasam Se
Aalap and Ek Tha Tiger makes it onto here!! Also, I realize Shirt Da Button has been #1 for a while, but I just LOVE the song!! It's too cute, despite the stupid lyrics.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aalaap: Music Review

I hadn't hear about this movie until very recently on Twitter. It's a movie about music, as the name suggests, and Manish Manikpuri's directorial debut. Anyways, onto the music.

Ek Nayi Roshni: This is a full out rock song, and I loved it. It's one of my favorite songs from this album for sure!

Dil Yeh Awaaz De: This song's got a strange kind of introduction and then the pace picks up a little after the first minute and a half. It's a different kind of song, but I really liked it.

Pa Paara Paa: I like this song. Students are singing it about their "Hitler" teachers, telling them to "take it easy dude." It's a rock kind of song, and definitely catchy. The video is okayish.

Soniye: It's called Soniye, so it's a love song. Right? WRONG!!! This is surprisingly a patriotic song. Overall it's okay. Not my favorite of the lot.

Shuruwat Pyaar Ki: This is a really sweet love song. It has an acoustic guitar base and is super melodious. This song was okay on the first couple listens but really good on the third!

Chadhti Jawaani: I went in expecting some new take on "chadhti jawaani meri chaal mastaani," but that's the exact opposite of this song. This is a situational item song, but it's not the typical item song we get nowadays. It's a folk based item song and is really catchy. I've heard it like 6 or 7 times already and it's just continuously growing on me.

Sholay: The Epitome of Bollywood

I just finished watching the IIFAs and Ramesh Sippy won an award for his contribution to cinema. I think there is no doubt that he deserved it. Other than Sholay, he's also done movies like Shaan, Saagar, and Seeta Aur Geeta, all of which are awesome.

Regardless, seeing that made me realize that it had been a good 6+ months since I last saw Sholay. Blasphemy, I know! I decided to correct that by watching it again for the hundredth time. I don't think I need to say how amazing this movie is. As far as I'm concerned, this movie defines Bollywood. If you haven't seen this movie, you DEFINITELY need to get on that and watch it.

There really is no better word to describe this movie than "epic." The dialogues from this movie are still used in everyday life. I'm sure you've heard "itna sanatta kyun hai bhai," "ab tera kya hoga Kaliya," "kitne aadmi the," "bahut nainsaafi hai," or other dialogues from this movie being thrown around. I've been watching this movie for years now and I'm still not over how epic it is. I've also decided that when I get a car, I'm going to name it Dhanno so I can say "chal Dhanno, aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawaal hai" when I'm in a rush to get somewhere.

This movie also shows how a bunch of small coincidences add up to something phenomenal. Danny Denzongpa was supposed to play the role of Gabbar Singh, but he was busy with other movies and so Amjad Khan got the role. I cannot possibly see Danny doing as good a job as Amjad did. I've seen him is a lot of other movies since, and yet he will always be Gabbar Singh for me. Also, Dharmendra was supposed to be Thakur and Sanjeev Kumar was supposed to be Veeru. They switched roles because Dharmendra wanted to play the character opposite Hema Malini, who he ended up marrying. Now try to picture Dharmendra as Thakur. Grey wig, kurta pajaama, shawl, etc. I'm glad they switched roles. Everyone in this movie seemed to be perfectly cast.

Since I'm on the topic of casting, I want to give a special shoutout to Mac Mohan as Sambha. I love Sambha ("arre o Sambha!"). I actually oddly felt bad when he got shot after Jab Tak Hai Jaan just because he was so awesome. There are two more minor yet extremely memorable characters I like. One is Surma Bhopali. He was too good with his "humara naam Surma Bhopali ainvayi nahi hai." The other is our favorite Angrezon ke zamaane ke jailor. Asrani is an extremely talented actor, and he did a great job here too. I think tons of people (including myself of course) have the entire jail segment memorized word for word.

Oh and before I forget, my favorite fun fact about the film: Sholay actually has two endings. I learned this when I rented Sholay from my university's movie library and Gabbar Singh died in the end. I kept trying to convince my friends that he doesn't actually die in the end, but they refused to believe me. I then went to Wikipedia (the best source for anything and everything) and found out that the original cut of the film had Thakur killing Gabbar Singh, but the censor board said they didn't like the fact that a police officer was taking the law into his hands. The ending of the movie was then changed to Thakur getting Gabbar arrested. Both versions are now out on DVD.

There's so much more I could say about this movie just because of how historic and impactful it is, but I'm going to try to stop myself from babbling on now. I hope I've inspired you to watch this movie yet again!

And as some guy (I don't remember who) said during the IIFAs: Here's to friends, family, and films!

Edit: A friend of mine just sent me this gem:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: July 1 - July 7, 2012

  1. Shirt Da Button Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  2. Abhi Abhi Jism 2
  3. Yaariyan Cocktail
  4. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
  5. Bharat Mata Ki Shanghai
  6. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar
  7. Maan Qunto Maula Maximum
  8. That's All I Really Wanna Do Teri Meri Kahaani
  9. Pyaar Karna Na Tha Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai
  10. Zindagi Kahe Rahi Hai Qasam Se Qasam Se
Jism 2 is on the charts!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jism 2: Music Review

Yeh Jism: A slowish song that fits the theme of Jism very well. The prom was a HUGE success when it released, and people seemed to love the song. I think it's okay in general, but really good for this kind of movie.

Maula: This is becoming such a common title for songs, and these songs usually turn out well. This song had its good moments, but overall it was eh.

Yeh Kasoor: An okayish song. I personally almost fell asleep in it, but I'm sure it'll grow on me! I'm assuming it's a background song or has a shorter version in the movie or something.

Abhi Abhi: This was the second promo released for the movie. I liked this song then, and I like it now. Probably my favorite from the album.

Darta Hoon: This song is kind of intense, yet soft. It's one of those songs that probably grow on you.

Hey Wallah: Relatively fast paced given the rest of the album. It's kind of strange, but cool at the same time. I like the music, but I still haven't been able to make out any of the lyrics, apart from Hey Wallah of course.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: June 24 - June 30, 2012

  1. Shirt Da Button Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
  2. Tumhi Ho Bandhu Cocktail
  3. Khudaaya Shanghai
  4. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar
  5. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
  6. Pareshaan Ishaqzaade
  7. Allah Jaane Teri Meri Kahaani
  8. Maan Qunto Maula Maximum
  9. Pyaar Karna Na Tha Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai
  10. Zindagi Kahe Rahi Hai Qasam Se Qasam Se
Kya Super Kool Hain Hum makes its debut on the list and shoots straight up to #1! Qasam Se Qasam Se also finally makes an appearance.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Kya Super Kool Hain Hum: Music Review

Shirt Da Button: My first thought when I heard this song was

It sounds like one of those Mohit Chauhan genre of songs with Sonu Nigam as the singer yet has lyrics like "teri shirt da main button soniye, tere baalon da main clip ho gaya." Then I realized it's Kya Super Kool Hain Hum, and the entire movie is a joke, and everything made a bit more sense. It's actually a really cute song though, and I've listened to it like 6 times back-to-back already. The video's adorable too and everyone looks nice in it.

There's also a Kailash Kher version, which is also good, but a bit different in feel.

Volume High Karle: I thought I'm Sexy And I Know It started playing from the first couple beats of the song, but this song isn't as catchy. It tries to be a fast club kind of song, but it doesn't really do it for me.

Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya: I think this was the first song they released, and I didn't like it that much, which is why you guys didn't see it in my top 10. Here's the video:

Hum To Hain Cappuccino (U.p. Bihar Lootne): This is a take on U.P. Bihar Lootne from Shool with some different lyrics. They basically took the song and made it stupid by adding broken English, pop culture references, and random other nonsense. It's still kind of catchy, but not really that great a song.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Extended Trailer: Ek Tha Tiger

The extended trailer for Ek Tha Tiger finally came out yesterday. Take a look!

The story does not seem very original at all. It looks like every other story of a spy - or anyone really - who pretends to fall in love with a girl for alternative motives and ends up actually falling for her. Now I'm interested in seeing what the twist is. If there's no twist, I just hope the execution is at least good. Katrina Kaif looks good as always, but her dialogue delivery hasn't improved much.

Regardless, I love Salman Khan, so I'll definitely be watching this! Plus the director is Kabir Khan, the same guy who made New York. Hopefully that means it'll be good!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mid-Year Top 60 Beats: January - June, 2012

  1. Pareshaan Ishaqzaade
  2. Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff Teri Meri Kahaani 
  3. Pungi Agent Vinod 
  4. Jannatein Kahan Jannat 2 
  5. Tere Bina Tezz 
  6. Tumhi Ho Bandhu Cocktail 
  7. Pee Pa Pee Pa Tere Naal Love Ho Gaaya 
  8. Pani Da Rang Vicky Donor 
  9. Jhalla Wallah Ishaqzaade 
  10. Mann Jaage Bittoo Boss 
  11. Khudaaya Shangai 
  12. Anarkali Disco Chali Housefull 2 
  13. Piya O Re Piya Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya 
  14. Tera Deedar Hua Jannat 2 
  15. Yaariyan Cocktail 
  16. Chokra Jawaan Ishaqzaade 
  17. Tu Hi Mera Jannat 2 
  18. Daaru Desi Cocktail 
  19. Tu Hi Rab Tu Hi Dua Dangerous Ishq 
  20. Kick Lag Gayi Bittoo Boss 
  21. Mukhtasar Teri Meri Kahaani 
  22. Humse Pyaar Karle Tu Teri Meri Kahaani 
  23. Dil Mera Muft Ka Agent Vinod 
  24. Mahe Jaan Hate Story 
  25. Naina Re Dangerous Ishq 
  26. Rab Ka Shukrana Jannat 2 
  27. Aafaton Ke Parinde Ishaqzaade 
  28. Kaun Kenda Bittoo Boss 
  29. Chammak Challo Chel Chabeli Rowdy Rathore 
  30. Do U Know Housefull 2 
  31. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar 
  32. Raat Hate Story 
  33. Tu Mohabbat Hai Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya 
  34. Mujhko Teri Zaroorat Hai Jodi Breakers 
  35. Bharat Mata Ki Jai Shanghai 
  36. Chikni Chameli Agneepath 
  37. Jab Se Dekhi Hai Bol Bachchan 
  38. Ishaqzaade Ishaqzaade 
  39. Bin Tere Chakradhaar 
  40. Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita Rowdy Rathore 
  41. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan 
  42. Kunwara Jodi Breakers 
  43. I'll Do The Talking Tonight Agent Vinod 
  44. Jiya Tu Gangs of Wasseypur 
  45. Sang Hoon Tere Jannat 2 
  46. Kangna Tera Ni Chaar Din Ki Chandni 
  47. Duaa Shanghai 
  48. Darmiyaan Jodi Breakers 
  49. Chandaniya (Lori Lori) Rowdy Rathore 
  50. Right Now Now Housefull 2 
  51. Rum Whiskey Vicky Donor 
  52. Tera Naam Japdi Phiran Cocktail 
  53. London, Paris, New York London, Paris, New York 
  54. Pyaar Karna Na Tha Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai 
  55. Chandni O Meri Chandni Chaar Din Ki Chandi 
  56. Chaahat Blood Money 
  57. That's All I Really Wanna Do Teri Meri Kahaani 
  58. Kammo Department 
  59. Bol Bachchan Bol Bachchan 
  60. Raabta Agent Vinod 

TL;dr: Top Albums of the First Six Months
  1. Ishaqzaade
  2. Teri Meri Kahaani
  3. Bittoo Boss
  4. Cocktail
  5. Jannat 2
  6. Housefull 2
  7. Rowdy Rathore
  8. Agent Vinod
  9. Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
  10. Shanghai

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Teri Meri Kahaani: Movie Review

In case you couldn't tell from the music consistently rocking the top 10 and all my TMK related tweets, I was super excited for this movie. I'm not a Priyanka fan at all, but I think this was Shahid's best look yet. His shayari, as I've mentioned before, is killer as Javed (his 1910 character) even in the trailers. So I saw this movie Friday the 22nd, the day it released, in theaters.
As you probably know by this point, the movie's tagline is "thrice upon a love story" and takes place in 3 separate eras; 1910, 1960, and 2012. The movie starts out in 1960 with Govind, a struggling musician, and Rukhsar, a movie actress. Prachi Desai has a cameo as Rukhsar's childhood friend who also falls for Govind. The story is the simple love triangle you would expect. Both Goving and Rukhsar have shy type of characters, which I found adorable. Unfortunately though, this is about as deep as this story gets. Then we move into 2012 with Krish and Radha. Krish's ex-girlfriend is played by Neha Sharma, and the character is Meera. I thought it was really clever that they had the Krish-Radha-Meera thing going. Anyways, the story here is pretty much the same triangle, but in modern times. Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp play matchmaker as the characters rely on those heavily to communicate with one another. I'm not really a fan of using these tools in movies because they're always exaggerated to the point of stupidity. This movie didn't help that very much. Phrases like "this is so going on Facebook" sound cheesy when used incorrectly, even if that is how people talk in reality. Once we get to the creation of the love triangle here, we move into 1910 with Javed and Aradhana. This was undoubtedly my favorite era. Javed is a complete ladies' man and uses his shayari (poetry) to flirt with girls. Of course when he finally falls in love, the girl he falls for is our heroine Aradhana. There is a twist in the story here that I don't want to give away to those who plan on watching the movie, but it's not very necessary. It just takes up time in the story and ends as you'd expect.

The reason this movie intrigued me, apart from Shahid, was that I wanted to know how the three stories would connect in the end. I figured it wasn't a Karz type reincarnation thing, so I was extremely curious as to what it would be. The answer to that question was not at all satisfying. So much so that I feel the movie did not have anything that the trailer didn't already tell us. I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen in the movie, and before I knew it, the movie was over. Prachi and Neha were both wasted in this movie as neither of their characters got significant screen time.

I think my roommate said it best: the make up artists put more work into this movie than the script writers did. The only counter for that I have is that Javed's shayari was amazing. Other than that, the plot and script failed to impress.

Overall, I was disappointed with the movie. Shahid did a great job and Priyanka was not bad. Regardless the story, or kahaani if you will, in Teri Meri Kahaani was lacking. I expected more given the insane promotions for the movie. It's hard to believe that the guy who brought us Fanaa and Hum Tum, both of which have awesome stories, now brought us one without one. Speaking of Hum Tum though, there were some things that came up again. For example, there was a character named Mihir Vohra in both movies (don't ask me why I noticed that, but I did). Also, both movies are about how soulmates can meet anytime anywhere if they're meant to be.

Now the question is, should you watch it? I think despite all the flaws, the movie was fun to watch and actually really cute. If that sounds good to you, go for it! I don't think it's as bad as I may have made it out to be. Plus if you watch it, you get to see the full versions of all the songs, which is definitely worth it. I personally am a fan of both the music and the choreography, so I enjoyed that part a lot.

Top 10 Beats of the Week: June 17 - June 23, 2012

1. Tumhi Ho Bandhu Cocktail
2. Humse Pyaar Karle Tu Teri Meri Kahaani
3. Jhalla Wallah Ishaqzaade
4. Khudaaya Shanghai
5. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
6. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar
7. Chammak Challo Chel Chabeli Rowdy Rathore
8. Pyaar Karna Na Tha Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai
9. Maan Qunto Maula Maximum
10. Bharat Mata Ki Jai Gangs of Wasseypur

Maximum and Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai finally make appearances on the list. I'm still waiting for an awesome soundtrack to release that changes the top 3. Cocktail, TMK, and Ishaqzaade have been dominating for a while now!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Top 10 Beats of the Week: June 10 - June 16, 2012

1. Daaru Desi Cocktail
2. Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff Teri Meri Kahaani
3. Khudaaya Shanghai
4. Chokra Jawaan Ishaqzaade
5. Dhadang Dhang Rowdy Rathore
6. Chalao Na Naino Se Bol Bachchan
7. Tere Bina Tezz
8. Har Mod Pe Chakradhaar
9. Jiya Tu Gangs of Wasseypur
10. Tu Hi Rab Tu Hi Dua Dangerous Ishq

Thursday, June 14, 2012

IIFA Awards 2012

This is a bit late, but the IIFA Awards took place almost a week ago. They won't air until July 7 (according to my Google-ing skills at least), so we won't get to see it until then. I do have a bunch of spoilers though in case you haven't already seen them.


Best Film - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
I really liked this movie a lot, but I didn't love it as much as everyone else seemed to. That being said, I think it was better than the other nominations, so this is a valid victory.

Best Direction - Zoya Akhtar (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

Actor (Male) - Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar)
I did not watch Rockstar. I realize that may be surprising given how many movies I watch, but this movie somehow did not appeal to me. Therefore, I can't really comment on his acting in that movie. I do think that Hrithik (ZNMD) and Ajay Devgan (Singham) did well too.

Actor (Female) - Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture)
Very well deserved. This was an extremely bold role and Vidya Balan did an amazing job with it.

Supporting Actor (Male) - Farhan Akhtar (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)
Everyone seems to love Farhan Akhtar. I think he's a wonderful director, but I don't like him that much as an actor. Maybe that's just me though.

Supporting Actor (Female) - Parineeti Chopra (Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl)
I absolutely love Pari. I mentioned this earlier in my Ishaqzaade review as well. Not only do I just adore her, I also adore Dimple Chaddha, her character in LVRB. Dimple Chaddha is such a mast Punjaban kuri, and as a Punjaban myself, I can't help but love her. Pari fulfilled the role extremely well and gave the character a depth that I think very few others could.

Performance in a Comic Role - Ritesh Deshmukh (Double Dhamaal)
I don't remember this movie as well I should, but Ritesh is awesome, and the movie wasn't bad.

Performance in a Negative Role - Prakash Raj (Singham)

Best Story - Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

Best Music Direction - A.R. Rahman (Nadaan Parinde - Rockstar)
I don't like the music from Rockstar. I feel like I just made a blasphemous statement because A.R. Rahman is apparently a music god now, but I prefer pretty much every other nominated song. Of the nominated songs, I would have given the award to Señorita. That song combines Spanish and Bollywood music and blends them beautifully. The lyrics are also really cool because the guys are talking in Hindi and the girls in Spanish. None understand the other's words yet respond to each other and say related things. It wasn't like other Hindi songs that just throw in meaningless Spanish phrases to sound exotic. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy really knocked that ball out of the park.

Lyrics - Irshad Kamil (Nadaan Parinde - Rockstar)
I think I would have given it to Javed Akhtar for Khwabon Ke Parindey or Shabbir Ahmed for Teri Meri.

Playback Singer (Male) - Mohit Chauhan (Nadaan Parinde - Rockstar)

Playback Singer (Female) - Shreya Ghoshal (Teri Meri - Bodyguard)

Outstanding Achievement in Indian Cinema - Rekha

Outstanding Contribution to Indian Cinema - Ramesh Sippy
Sholay. 'nuff said.

Outstanding Contribution to International Cinema - Liv Ullmann

Best Debut (Male) - Vidyut Jamwal

Best Debut (Female) - Parineeti Chopra
...need I say more?

Outstanding Contribution to a Greener Environment - Diya Mirza

Star Plus Hottest Pair - Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri


Performances included:
- Ranbir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor
- Ranbir Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurana
- Mika Singh
- Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra
- Priyanka Chopra
- Bipasha Basu.

Personally I'm most excited for Rishi-Ranbir and Shahid.

I'll have a follow up post within the next month with my thoughts after actually having seen the awards!

Cocktail: Music Review

Tumhi Ho Bandhu - I've loved this song since the promo came out a while ago. It's a really catchy song and Diana is adorable in the video. Plus this song has that line that most Indians have heard forever: "Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Sakha Tumhi." It shouldn't be news that I like the song though since it's been at the top of my top 10 for a couple weeks now.

Daaru Desi - Everyone apparently loved this song when the promo came out, but I personally wasn't much of a fan. I just heard the full version of the song, and I actually think it sounds really cool now. I still don't understand why a friendship song has this kind of a feel, but I don't care so much because Shalmali Kholgade is amazing. Pareshaan was is one of my favorite songs and her voice is so beautiful that everything she sings sounds wonderful.

Yaariyan - This song reminds me a lot of O Meri Jaan from Life In a...Metro, and that's probably because of the rock feel. Regardless, this is another good song in the soundtrack. I wish the video showed the actual singers (Mohan Kanan and Shilpa Rao), since they owned this song. That being said, the guitar strumming didn't look cheesy or fake with Saif because he can actually play.

The reprise features Sunidhi Chauhan and Arijit Singh, who also do an amazing job. The music of this song is piano based, whereas the original was a guitar, which dramatically softens it. I personally like both versions a lot, and I feel the singers did a beautiful job.

Second Hand Jawaani - This song has the same feel as Bhangra Bistar from Dil Bole Hadippa. Since the music from this album seemed to remind me of other songs a lot, I decided to investigate. The music director of both Dil Bole Hadipp and Life In a...Metro is - you guessed it - Pritam. I guess that makes sense then that the songs sound similar. Unfortunately, I didn't like Second Hand Jawaani that much. I like other songs by Miss Pooja, like Kise De Naal and Romantic Jatt, but this one wasn't as good as I had hoped.

Tera Naam Japdi Phiran - This song is okay...definitely not my favorite from the album, but better than Second Hand Jawaani.

Luttna - This song has what I'm calling mini-dubstep. I didn't realize dubstep existed in India until Aafaton Ke Parindey in Ishaqzaade, and Luttna is still one of the first few Hindi dubstep songs I've heard. Despite having some dubstep, this isn't really a loud song, which I think makes the song kind of unique.

Jugni - Another decent song.

Overall Pritam has done a pretty good job with the soundtrack. He pulled in some brilliant singers, added some interesting and unique lyrics and some catchy tunes, and voila! My favorites are Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Daaru Desi, and Yaariyan. Enjoy!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Chakradhaar: Music Review

So apparently there's this movie called Chakradhaar. For some reason there's no Wikipedia or IMDB page for it, but there was a recent music release and apparently the movie's coming out June 15, according to some random websites that Google showed me. I did find a trailer and some music promos on YouTube though!
Here's the trailer (because if you're like me, you hadn't heard of this movie until just now):

This album has 4 songs, and overall the soundtrack is okay. I wouldn't say it's amazing, but it's better than I expected for movie with such little publicity.
Har Mod Pe - This is the fastest pace song in the movie and I thought it was kind of catchy. Shaan sang the song, and the beginning somehow reminds me a lot of a faster version of Tune Mujhe Pehchaana Nahi from Raju Chacha. Maybe that's just me though. Regardless it has a 90s/early 2000s feel to it.
Bin Tere - This has to be one of the most common song titles in Bollywood. Most songs with that title that I've heard have been good, so I wanted to like this song. It wasn't a bad song, but I didn't like it as much as I wanted to.
Billori - The item song of the lot. I felt like something was lacking here. It didn't have the item song feel at all and isn't catchy. I also didn't really like the video at all.

Chakradhaar (Theme) - This isn't really a song, but rather sounds like the score from the movie. It seemed kind of intense, which makes sense because the trailer seemed intense too.

My favorite song from the movie is Har Mod Pe. It's very 90s reminiscent for me, so I like it. Check it out if you get a chance!